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River Glen Trio with Jolie Smith
River Glen Trio with Jolie Smith
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13 Oct 2023 - 01 Dec 2023





River Glen Trio with Jolie Smith

Music in Middle Grey presents

River Glen Trio in Concert

With more than thirty years performing experience, River demonstrates his cool confidence and earnest passion for entertaining audiences of all ages. This concert will take listeners through some foundational pillars of folk music, the heartbreak and loss, humour and satire, and eventually gratitude for community and life itself. With the support of Hamilton’s own Brian Scarth on electric guitar and Steve Matheson on hand drums and percussion, this trio will have audience members tapping their toes to the music. But first, Jolie Smith will appeal to tender hearts with her sweet, crooning style.

These combined life experiences have fed into River Glen & Band’s ambitious new album, As Above, So Below, which incorporates a kaleidoscopic array of musicians who call Iowa home. As longtime Iowa Public Radio DJ Bob Dorr observes in the introductory track, this record is a “patchwork quilt woven lovingly with voices and instruments of over 150 people.” Yes, you read that right: more than 150 musicians!

Kembrew McLeod of Little Village writing about River’s album As Above So Below 2023
River Glen – “As Above, So Below” (Official Music Video)

Jolie Smith

When Jolie Smith sings you know immediately it’s from a deep soulful place.

At just 21 years old, it’s evident that “JoJo”, as she’s known by her family and friends is an old soul who channels a nostalgic, familiar vibe reminiscent of Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake, though she writes with a fresh, wholly original sound that’s oblivious to current music trends. She carries this timeless sound through to her forthcoming album currently being produced.

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